I want to share with you a bit about the name Ayla Wray.  It was my daughters name.  I say “was” because she made a choice to leave this world July 13th, 2010 just a few days before her 15th birthday.  Stricken by grief of my daughter’s suicide, I was bedridden.  Then, on “Black Friday” in November of 2011 , a year and 5 months after her death, my father and I went to a local leather factory. By chance, (maybe chance, or maybe lead by my daughter above), I became overwhelmed with creativity. Ayla Wray was also very creative. I took home a few tools and some black leather and began designing my first handbag. My husband Justin thought I was crazy. I finished my first design in just 2 days. I couldn’t stop. I kept buying leather and making handbags. They sold like hot cakes.

I believe I was lead by Ayla Wray. She wants me to live my life to the fullest. The symbol in the middle of the name Ayla Wray is an angelic symbol that means “choose life”.  It brings with it the importance of living life to the fullest.  I just wanted to share this story.  From all of this, when my fans help grow this brand, Ayla Wray Designs, I plan to open a foundation in Ayla’s name supporting suicide awareness and the importance of “choose life “.  A portion of the proceeds from each bag that sells, will go to help build this awareness. Suicide is an epidemic.  It’s extremely sad to see so many others, especially our children, making the decision to leave our world. I want to make a difference. You all can make a difference.


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